Lady Gaga Joins ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Cast

Lady Gaga has joined the cast for the next season of "American Horror Story," according to multiple reports. Gaga confirmed the news in a video on Twitter, which revealed next season's theme: "American Horror Story: Hotel." This will be her first starring role on TV.

"American Horror Story" Season 5 will air in October. Gaga's role has not yet been revealed, but Murphy has said that they left clues about the fifth season in the fourth season. One of the major clues came in the form of a top hat. "It's an arcane clue, but it's very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, “Oh! You dirty b******!”" Murphy told EW. Images of the same top hat showed up on coffee cups, a diner menu and Edward Mordake's head. Redditors speculated that the hats referred to Operation Top Hat, a "local field exercise" that took place in 1953 in Alabama and involved government testing on biological and chemical weapons. This led many "AHS" conspiracy theorists to believe that Season 5 would have something to do with chemical warfare. (You can read more on that theory here.) But alas, now we're in a hotel.

Murphy and Gaga previously worked together when he used the singer's tracks on "Glee." Gaga's acting credits include roles in Robert Rodriguez’s "Machete Kills," his film, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" and "The Sopranos," in which she played Girl at Swimming Pool #2.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Flub All The Names At The Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris swung and missed a few times during Sunday's Oscars ceremony, butchering a few stars' names in the process. Though he tortured Octavia Spencer all night with a box, Harris couldn't quite pronounce David Oyelowo, Margot Robbie or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

At one point, he tried to explain that Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor would present as each other, but screwed up "Ejiofor," and repeated it twice to correct his mistake. Later, he said he would mispronounce the actor's name in order to bring awareness to its correct pronunciation. Sure, that works.

When he was sans pants, Harris called "Focus" star Margot Robbie "Margot Row-bee," and twice he botched "Selma" star David Oyelowo's name. After the show, Oyelowo told E!'s Catt Sadler that Harris "butchered" his name. “I even had Brad Pitt singing my name all over YouTube,” he said. “He was friendly to me backstage so I don't know why he’d do that." Watch the moments below:


Graham Moore Gives The Oscars’ Most Moving Acceptance Speech

Graham Moore won Best Adapted Screenplay for "The Imitation Game" at Sunday's Oscars, and he used the win to give a powerful speech about suicide awareness and depression.

"I tried to commit suicide at 16 and now I'm standing here," he said. "I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. You do. Stay weird. Stay different, and then when it's your turn and you are standing on this stage please pass the same message along."

graham moore

"The Imitation Game" is about the life and achievements of the late Alan Turing, the British mathematician and cryptanalyst who helped solve the Enigma code during World War II. After the war he was prosecuted for homosexuality in Britain and died by suicide in 1954 at 41 years old.


Jason Biggs Won’t Be On ‘Orange Is The New Black’ This Season

See ya later, Larry. Jason Biggs confirmed in an interview with the New York Daily News that he won't appear in the next season of "Orange Is The New Black."

"They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment," Biggs told the paper. "Larry will not be in Season 3. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.”

Biggs has played Larry Bloom, Piper's (Taylor Schilling) now-former fiancée since Season 1. The couple broke up after Piper got back together with her former lover, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), in prison. Larry also had a love affair with Piper's best friend, Polly (Maria Dizzia).

A Netflix rep did not return HuffPost Entertainment's immediate request for comment.

Best Moments Of The 2015 Grammys

The 2015 Grammys can be described as a solid "meh." Some people who won deserved their awards -- good for you, Sam Smith! -- and some people were robbed of Album of the Year. The three-and-a-half hour ceremony dragged on as unlikely collaborators got on stage together and pretended to be friends. (We're looking at you Jessie J and Tom Jones.) But there were a few distinguished highlights we wouldn't mind watching again. Here are the top 10 moments of the 2015 Grammys.

10. Beyoncé, The Angel


After losing Album of the Year to Beck, Beyoncé took the stage to perform "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." The gospel song was an introduction to Common and John Legend's performance of "Glory" from the movie "Selma," and as Gwyneth Paltrow presented "[her] beautiful friend," she mentioned it was one of Bey's favorites. Though she had just lost, Beyoncé let 'er rip, and sang a stunning rendition. Dressed all in white, she looked like an angel (or Solange's wedding).

9. Madonna Became Malefcient


Madonna performed "Living For Love" from her forthcoming album, "Rebel Heart," for the first time on Sunday. It's an anthemic dance track, and when performed live, showed that Madge is still at the top of her game. Surrounded by men in bull masks and corsets, she wore a red Matador costume and was a better dancer than most of the other artists who took the stage.

8. Paul McCartney's Dancing

Shame on the camera man who made Paul McCartney sit down.

7. Kanye West, Paul McCartney And Rihanna Perform "FourFiveSeconds"

kanye west rihanna

The trio performed their newly released track, "FourFiveSeconds," which will appear on both West and Rihanna's new albums. They sang on stage with just a guitar and some back up, and became the one collaboration of the night that actually made sense.

6. Barack Obama and Brooke Axtell Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

As plenty of viewers pointed out, the Grammys sent mixed messages about domestic violence during the ceremony. The broadcast showed a pre-recorded PSA from President Obama, who said "[Rape is] not okay - and it has to stop. It's on us -- all of us -- to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated." Activist Brooke Axtell then took the stage to perform a spoken-word piece against abuse, which segued into Katy Perry singing "By The Grace of God." It was a powerful moment during the show, but many at home were quick to point out that the Grammys also rewarded Chris Brown and R. Kelly with nominations.

5. Pharrell's "Hands Up Don't Shoot" Tribute

Though Pharrell dressed like the Lobby Boy from "Grand Budapest Hotel," he also organized one of the show's most sobering moments. He performed a spooky version of "Happy" with the help of Lang Lang and Hans Zimmer. At one point, though, Pharrell and his backup dancers -- dressed mostly in hoodies -- held up their hands, a reference to the recent "Hands Up Don't Shoot" protest.

4. Kanye West Interrupts Beck

When Beck won Album of the Year for "Morning Phase," it first seemed like West was going to pull an "Imma let you finish." Then it was all a joke. Haha, good one, 'Ye! Then he told E! that Beck should have given the award to Beyonce, and blasted the Grammys during a post-show interview. Beck has no hard feelings, and told Us Weekly, "I still love him and think he's genius."

3. Kanye West Performs "Only One"

kanye west only one

Lorde said it best: "Kanye's production design/TV performances are a consistent source of inspiration for so many musicians, me included."

2. Prince Gives The Most Quotable Line Of The Night


Prince announced the winner for Album of the Year, and though he was on stage for just a few moments, he made them count.

1. Kristen Wiig Stars In Sia's Performance

Of all the celebrities to take on Sia's alter-ego, Kristen Wiig was by far the most fun to watch. Perhaps because it came at the end of a long, predictable telecast or perhaps because we got to watch two geniuses come together, Sia's performance of "Chandelier" was the best of the night.

Here a list of all the Grammy winners.

Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Wins Song Of The Year At The Grammys

Sam Smith won the coveted Song of the Year award at the Grammys on Sunday. "I'm having a really good night," Smith said, after collecting his third award of the 2015 Grammys, following Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album for "In the Lonely Hour."

The nominees included Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," Sia's "Chandelier," Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Hozier's "Take Me to Church."

Last month, "Stay With Me" came under fire when it was revealed that Sam Smith would pay royalties to Tom Petty for the song, due to its similarities to Petty's classic hit, "I Won't Back Down." Smith's camp called it a "complete coincidence," and Petty seemed to hold no hard feelings toward the singer.

Smith also performed at the Grammys with Mary J. Blige. It was great.


The Complete Roster Of 2015 Grammy Performers

Just about everyone on the planet with musical talent will perform at the Grammys on Sunday. Here's a rundown those scheduled to appear. This post will be updated as more names are added.

Katy Perry
She's only one week out from her Super Bowl halftime show, but Perry will take over the Grammys stage to sing "By the Grace of God," off her nominated album, "Prism." She's up for two awards, Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance for "Dark Horse" and Best Pop Vocal Album. Left Shark is not scheduled to appear.

Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Kanye West
They'll perform "FourFiveSeconds," their collaborative track due out on Rihanna's new album sometime this year. Rihanna's up for Best Rap/ Sung Collaboration for "The Monster" with Eminem. West is also set to "deliver a never-before-seen solo performance" during the show. That will be cool.

Chris Martin and Beck
Coldplay's front man will team up with Beck to perform something from "Morning Phase," which is nominated for Album of the Year and Best Rock Album. Beck's "Blue Moon" is nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. Coldplay is also up for three categories: Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance for "A Sky Full of Stars," Best Pop Vocal Album for "Ghost Stories" and Best Music Film for "Ghost Stories."

Lang Lang
Pianist Lang Lang is set to "add his musicality to one of the year's most infectious songs." At last year's ceremony, he accompanied Metallica to play "One," so he could join anyone from AC/DC to Ariana Grande.

Herbie Hancock, John Mayer, Questlove and Ed Sheeran
Who knows what this supergroup will perform on Sunday? But Sheeran's the only nominee of the bunch. "X" is up for Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year, while "I See Fire" is nominated for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Brandy Clark and Dwight Yoakam
Newcomer Brandy Clark has become a country darling this year and her debut album, "12 Stories," is nominated for Best Country Album. She's up for Best New Artist as well. By pairing her with veteran star Dwight Yoakam, the Grammys are setting her up for country superstardom.

Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith
The two will perform a duet and are rumored to sing "Stay With Me," Smith's smash hit nominated for Record of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. Smith's expected to have a breakout night, since he's also up for Best New Artist, Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album for "In The Lonely Hour." Blige is also up for Best Dance Recording for "F For You" with Disclosure.

Everybody loves Juanes, right?! He's going to perform a new song called "Juntos," made for the Disney movie "McFarland, USA." Juanes is also up for Best Latin Pop Album for "Loco De Amor (Crazy About Love)."

Sia confirmed that she would perform at this year's Grammys -- her first time doing so -- during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Based on her elusive sets on "Saturday Night Live," "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and even "Ellen," she's expected to be one of the most interesting shows of the night. Sia's nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Music Video for "Chandelier."

AC/DC is set to take the stage, but is not expected to perform with drummer, Phil Rudd, who was recently charged with "threatening to kill." Rolling Stone reports that former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade may play with the group instead.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
The year's most unexpected duo will bring their schtick to the Grammys stage and will reportedly sing the title track from their album of duets, "Cheek to Cheek," which is nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

Eric Church
Country star Eric Church is up for four awards, including Best Country Song and Best Country Album. He's gonna play some sweet country music.

Common, John Legend and (maybe) Beyoncé
Common and John Legend will sing their Oscar-nominated song "Glory" from "Selma," and in an interview with Us Weekly, Common spilled the beans that Beyoncé will join them. "A segue into our song 'Glory,' as a tribute to 'Selma,' being done by the great Beyoncé," he told the magazine. "That's one of the greatest talents you can have, helping us segue into it."

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande's second studio album, "My Everything," is up for Best Pop Vocal Album. She's slated to perform, but it's unclear which of her bangers she'll sing.

Pharrell Williams
He will not sing "Happy" and that's all that matters.

Hozier and Annie Lennox
First-time nominee Hozier's smash single "Take Me To Church" is up for Song of the Year, and he'll take the stage with Grammy veteran Annie Lennox, whose album "Nostalgia" is up for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

hozier annie lennox

Jessie J and Tom Jones
Jessie J's "Bang Bang," featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, was practically forced into your brain this year, and -- shocker! -- it's up for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance. The music industry is still trying to make Jessie J a thing, so she'll sing with legend Tom Jones. (They performed together back when Jessie J was a coach on "The Voice U.K.")

Miranda Lambert
Country queen Miranda Lambert is nominated for four awards, including Best Country Song and Best Country Album, and she'll take the stage to show, once again, that she's cooler than husband Blake Shelton.

Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani
"The Voice" judges will team up. Should be fun.

Usher will perform! He probably won't sing "Climax"! Bummer!

This will be her fifth Grammy performance, and there's no doubt that she'll promote her new album "Rebel Heart," due out March 6.

Check out the full list of Grammy nominees.

Baz Luhrmann’s First TV Show, ‘The Get Down,’ Will Premiere On Netflix In 2016

Director Baz Luhrmann is making his first television show, a musical drama set in 1970s New York City, for Netflix. The streaming service confirmed the news on Thursday, and released the first 20-second clip. The show's 13 episodes will get released in 2016.

Called "The Get Down," the series will focus on "a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers [who] are nothings and nobodies with no one to shelter them — except each other, armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some magic markers and spray cans," according to Netflix. “In this golden era of TV, the Netflix culture puts no constraint on creative possibilities," Luhrmann said in a statement. "So it is a natural home for 'The Get Down,' a project I have been contemplating and working on now for over 10 years. Throughout, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of how a city in its lowest moment, forgotten and half destroyed, could give birth to such creativity and originality in music, art and culture."

Luhrmann will direct the first two episodes and the season finale. He'll also executive produce alongside "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan.


Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’ Video Is A Beautiful Tribute Marriage Equality

Sam Smith debuted the music video for "Lay Me Down," off "In The Lonely Hour," on Thursday. In it, Smith gets married in a church among supportive friends and family, holding candles in the pews. Tears are shed.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Smith explained the concept:

Dear All, Here is the Link to the LAY ME DOWN music video. This song holds a very dear place in my heart. With this video myself and Ryan Hope the director have decided to make a statement and showcase something we passionately believe in. This video shows my dreams that one day gay men and women and transgendered men and women all over the world, like all our straight families and friends, will be able to get married under any roof, in any city, in any town, in any village, in any country. I hope you enjoy it. I love you all x


The First ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer Is Here (You’re Welcome)

You're welcome. Warner Bros. released the first trailer for "Magic Mike XXL" on Wednesday. Let's get back to the grind.

Channing Tatum returns for the highly anticipated sequel, which shows Magic Mike building furniture and dancing, his two passions. Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez and Gabriel Iglesias, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover, Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell and Michael Strahan all co-star. Gregory Jacobs directs.

Per Warner Bros.:

"Magic Mike XXL" finds the remaining Kings of Tampa ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.

Tatum teased the trailer on Tuesday, when he posted the film's first poster. "Magic Mike XXL" is due out July 1.

Look, but you can't touch...until tomorrow. Tune in to @theellenshow! #MagicMikeXXL

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