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To health, happiness and more Democrats

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2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and “I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy 2014.” Such is the greeting from most holiday cards.

When I hear those words from friends they mean something. But take a moment to think about what you mean when you wish someone “health and happiness” and whether you can help make those things a reality.

We know what it means to be healthy but what it takes to make someone happy is different for each of us. When I wish someone good health to me it includes supporting the Affordable Care Act since that will give everyone an opportunity to stay healthy. We should all have access to quality healthcare. Thankfully most of my friends are lucky enough to have good jobs and insurance and think nothing of asking for a flu shot when they get their annual physical. Their doctor orders tests to check cholesterol, blood sugar, maybe a PSA or Pap smear, and a myriad of other blood counts to assure their health is good and being monitored to find out early if there are indications of an illness.

We know that not everyone today has that chance. Before the Affordable Care Act, I had friends whose kids had no insurance because they lost it after graduating college. They had no job and couldn’t afford insurance. Now they can go back on their parents’ policy until they are 26. Detecting cancer at an early stage makes the chances for a positive prognosis so much greater. But a friend diagnosed with breast cancer lost her insurance and before the Affordable Care Act couldn’t find a new policy and certainly not one she could afford. So when I wish friends good health it’s a wish for everyone and by supporting the Affordable Care Act I feel I am actually doing something to make that a reality.

Happiness is another thing. What makes me happy is likely very different from what makes you happy. For some it may be getting a new puppy (not me as I am allergic). It could be a trip to Europe or a new car. For many of my friends it’s a new home or some other purchase, or even welcoming a new baby into their lives. In 17 states and D.C. it can be getting married as a same-sex couple. But it’s important that we remember that for some, happiness may be having enough money to pay the rent each month; or pay for their prescription drugs. Happiness for some could be keeping their job, finding a new job, or Congress extending unemployment insurance benefits.

For 12 million people in our country it’s not being threatened, or having your mother, father or child threatened, with deportation. It could be having confidence that your grandmother will receive an increase in her Social Security check allowing her to pay for food and rent. Happiness for some families is knowing that your partner, husband, wife or child will come home from Afghanistan this year, safe and sound, and won’t be deployed into harm’s way again. For a veteran it might be not having to wait months to get an appointment with your VA councilor or getting benefits to continue their education.

Many of the things that enable us to continue to stay healthy and achieve our own happiness do depend on government policy. I realize that many think we shouldn’t need to depend on government and that everything should be provided by the private sector or our religious institutions. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case today. So when I say let 2014 bring health, happiness and more Democrats it is because the philosophy of the Democratic Party is more in line with having government provide people with what they need when they just can’t make it on their own. It is passing decent immigration policy; a safety net for those in need including extended unemployment insurance for those out of work. It is food stamps needed even if you have a job but one that pays so little that you can’t afford to feed your kids. It is raising the minimum wage. It is government ensuring that everyone can have health insurance and that when you are older you will have a guarantee of the minimum assistance needed allowing you to stay in your home and buy food and medicine.

Until the Republican Party is once again led by more moderate and rational individuals I will continue to add to my New Year’s wishes for friends and the country that we elect more Democrats.


National Stonewall Democrats curtails operations

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National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Jerame Davis (Blade photo by Michael Key)

National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Jerame Davis confirmed to the Washington Blade on Tuesday his organization will cease operations through at least the end of this year after it failed to bridge a $30,000 budget gap.

“We obviously had the budget shortfall that we announced late last year and in that process we learned a few things,” he said shortly after the Dallas Voice broke the story earlier in the day. “When we were talking with various interested parties, whether they were from the DNC [the Democratic National Committee] or the labor movement or just LGBT Democrats in general, while finding the money that we needed in the short amount of time like that wasn’t possible, what we did find was there was an interest in keeping the org around. A lot of people really believe there’s a need and a place for Stonewall, it’s just that circumstances over the past several years have led to funding crisis that we found ourselves in.”

Davis told the Blade in an exclusive interview on Dec. 4 that his organization would likely close its doors if it didn’t raise $30,000 by the end of the year. He said the last-minute fundraising appeal netted less than $10,000 as of deadline.

“The decision was made that we would close down our office, cut our expenses down to next to nothing,” Davis, whose last day as a paid executive director was on Dec. 31, said. He remains with the organization in a volunteer capacity. “We tend to spend odd number years in a rebuilding mode anyway. This just kind of fit with what we normally do, the only difference being is we’re not going to have paid staff or an office for this year. Obviously that means our operations will be curtailed, but that also gives us the ability to focus our time and energy on figuring out what the systemic problems are for why we’ve had such funding problems and take the time to look at the org and figure out is there a future and what does that future look like.”

National Stonewall Democrats’ financial problems had previously threatened to shutter the organization.

The Blade reported in Feb. 2011 an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to the organization amid reports then-Executive Director Michael Mitchell did not effectively manage the group’s budget. Davis said there was “1,800 in the bank and a boat load of debt” when he took over in November 2011.

“Most people agree that a big part of our problem was that we had strayed from our original mission,” he said. “We had a muddy, undefined reason for existence and you combine that with the other missteps that we’ve made operationally, turnover in staff, especially at the top and so forth and it just kind of all compounded.”

Melissa Sklarz, who co-chaired National Stonewall Democrats Board of Directors from 2009 through early 2011, noted to the Blade last month then-President Bill Clinton had signed the ban on openly gay service members and the Defense of Marriage Act into law in the years before former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank founded the organization in 1998.

“The Democratic Party and the LGBT political landscape have changed dramatically in the past 15 years since National Stonewall was founded,” she added earlier on Tuesday. “The Democrats needed to understand the LGBT community and the community needed to understand that the Democrats were the true party of progress. NSD was the right idea at the right time.”

Sklarz further described Davis as “a great leader.”

“I look forward to helping with the new NSD next year,” she said.

“It is not unusual for organizations to take a time out every once in awhile,” gay New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley told the Blade. “There are many conversations going on right now, I am confident that NSD will emerge from this process stronger and more focused than ever before. I look forward to being part of that process.”

Gregory T. Angelo, interim executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, tweeted on his personal Twitter account that he is “not shedding any tears over” National Stonewall Democrats’ decision to curtail operations.

“It’s ironic that Republicans can throw big bucks around and use the partisan Log Cabin Republicans to try and destroy Democrats and their positive initiatives,” Barbra Casbar Siperstein, a former National Stonewall Democrats board member from New Jersey who is a member of the DNC Executive Committee, told the Blade. “Yet it appears that LGBT Democrats who talk about partisanship cannot support a partisan organization that exists to build for equality and expose the damage and destructiveness that the modern Republicans time and time again, almost single mindedly attempt to destroy the Great Society, the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt, but also the work of the great Progressive, Republican Teddy Roosevelt.”

Derek Washington of Stonewall Democrats of Nevada agreed.

“Jerame Davis has done the best he probably could considering the hand he was dealt upon taking charge of national Stonewall,” he said. “Having said that I think it’s time for Stonewall to take this hiatus as a wake up call and rebrand itself as the premiere LGBT political organization regardless of party as we’ve done here in Nevada. Log Cabin and GOProud have no ground operation or presence here due to our aggressive branding and take no prisoners attitude in both our state and Southern Nevada chapters of Stonewall. And I’m not talking about sometime in the future. I’m talking about now.”